Board of Directors

Nevada Conservation League Board

Robert BuntjerRobert Buntjer, Chair

Living in Nevada for the past 50 years does not make me a native, but it has given me a huge appreciation for what this Silver State has to offer.  To those like me, who have raised a family here and strive daily to make ends meet, we can find comfort in knowing that NCL is looking out for the land we love.  Our organization provides a vital and pragmatic process for the preservation of our environment. Whether I am in the classroom teaching an apprentice to know what it is to be an electrician, or simply sharing an afternoon enjoying Nevada’s great outdoors with my grandchildren, I am always proud to call Nevada my home. Our state song sums it up nicely: “Home Means Nevada”

Tom ClarkTom Clark

I’m a native Nevadan, and I’ve traveled all over our state since a very young age. A lot has changed, but one thing remains the same — Nevada’s is a beautiful, wild place that deserves protecting. As a professional, I represent a number of renewable energy companies who are committed to providing solutions for climate change, while creating thousands of jobs. I joined the Nevada Conservation League because they fight for the things I believe in while ensuring common-sense solutions that support Nevada’s economy. I really value their ability to find solutions to some of our state’s most pressing environmental concerns.

Jason GeddesJason Geddes

I joined the NCL board as they are the one organization in the state that can bring together all parties interested in a common agenda to protect the environment. One of my great goals in life is to allow my grand-kids to enjoy the beauty of Nevada that I enjoyed growing up. NCL fights for the same goal.

Nevada Conservation League Education Fund Board

Beth GilletteBeth Gillette

I’m “nearly a native” of Las Vegas, having lived here since 1977. I love our desert community. I have active interests in creating more sustainable communities and have worked or volunteered for several local organizations. My husband, Jim, and I, along with several of our friends enjoy an active lifestyle that takes advantage of Nevada’s great outdoor recreational activities– which is just one of the reasons why we support the Nevada Conservation League. I can’t always be as hands-on engaged as I would like to be, but I know that NCL is looking out for mine and our communities best interests, and for our values as environmentalists. I feel better knowing that I can at least support Nevada Conservation League’s essential work not only for our future and our children’s future, but for the important decisions that affect each of us today.

Lance KirkLance Kirk

I am a third-generation native Nevadan and resident of Las Vegas since 1990 with a passion for sustainable and environmental design. I believe holistic systems thinking is key to sustaining the built environment and the earth’s resources. My desire to increase knowledge and bring awareness of sustainable design to the profession of architecture and the desert southwest region spurred me to found the AIA Las Vegas Chapter of the Committee on the Environment in 2001. Through this organization, I secured funding that brought both the Ten Shades of Green Exhibit and the Sustaining Nevada Lecture Series to Las Vegas. Furthermore, I am a co-founder of the U.S. Green Building Council – Nevada Chapter and served as the founding President. Currently, my focus is in developing affordable, community-based, sustainable projects which focus on net zero energy, water and carbon in Southern Nevada.