Our Staff

April Mastroluca, Nevada Conservation League's Executive Director April Mastroluca

April, our executive director, joined the Nevada Conservation League in 2013. She served two terms in the Nevada Assembly, where she received many accolades for her leadership, intelligence and professionalism. Among other honors, she was named Freshman Legislator of the Year in 2009, received a Rising Star Award from the Nevada Women’s Lobby in 2010, and was named Champion for Children by Amerigroup in 2012. Along with her political background, April has over ten years of professional experience with non-profit organizations such as the Red Cross and the National PTA.

As a life-long resident of Nevada, April has always been keenly aware of the environmental challenges posed by living in a desert state. During her time at the legislature, she had a stellar voting record on environmental issues, achieving an outstanding lifetime score of 97% on the Nevada Conservation League Scorecards. Through her work as an advocate for children’s issues and for public health, she came to realize the devastating impact that environmental hazards, such as issues with indoor and outdoor air pollution, can have on our families and our communities.

April lives in Henderson, where she enjoys reading, attending concerts and traveling with her family.

Kyle DavisKyle Davis

Kyle Davis is our policy director and is responsible for our common agenda program and legislative strategy. He was born and raised in the rural town of Lovelock, NV.

He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Reno and his master’s degree in Political Management from the George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He has worked for and volunteered on political campaigns in Nevada, South Carolina, and Virginia.

Since 2007, Kyle has lead the environmental community at the state legislature in passing a number of pro-environment bills. Kyle lives in Reno, where he enjoys camping, soccer, kayaking and spending time with friends and family.

Anna TurnerAnna Turner

Anna Turner is our development manager. She has lived in Las Vegas since 2008. She grew up in Vancouver, Canada and came to Las Vegas on a circuitous route that included stops in Toronto, Providence and San Diego.

She has a BA from the University of Toronto and received her masters degree from Brown University. Her professional experience includes college advising, teaching at all levels, and workshop facilitation. She has been involved with non-profits in many capacities, including communications and development. Anna is passionate about building and maintaining communities, especially as they relate to conservation.