Sponsorship Opportunites

Conservation Advocate


2 free tickets
Recognition as Conservation Advocate on event materials.
Conservation Supporter


4 free tickets
Recognition as Conservation Supporter on event materials.
Conservation Friend


8 free tickets
Top billing as highest level sponsor on all event materials.

Green Tie Events

The Green Tie Events are the Nevada Conservation League’s prestigious annual fundraisers. Each year, we host one Green Tie in Las Vegas and one in Northern Nevada. These celebrations bring Nevada’s diverse conservation community together as we honor local conservation champions.

Why Sponsor our Green Tie Events?

  • Sponsorships are vital to our mission to protect Nevada’s environment.
  • When you sponsor one of our Green Tie Events, you publically join the Nevada Conservation League and other community leaders in honoring a prominent local conservation hero.
  • With your sponsorship, you communicate your environmental values to a broad base of concerned voters and consumers. Through our invitations, email list, social media and other forms of outreach, your brand will reach a broad section of Nevadans from across Southern Nevada.
  • Our Green Tie Events offer an excellent opportunity to network with key decision makers from the environmental, political and clean energy communities. Use your free tickets to bring employees, invite clients or treat friends!


Past honorees include elected officials, like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, Congresswoman Dina Titus and State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis, businesses specializing in clean energy, like Ormat Technologies and Bombard Renewable Energy, and local heroes like Dr. Jason Geddes, the Environmental Services administrator for the city of Reno and prominent environmental lobbyist Joe Johnson.

For more information on sponsorships, call Anna at 702-505-9477 or email info@nvgreenvote.org.

Individuals also have the opportunity to participate as hosts. Contact Anna for details.